Composite materials

Polyamide-6 is one of the most spread engineering thermoplasts being a basis for polymeric composite materials. Wide application of polyamide-6 as an engineering plastic is defined by a complex of its features – mechanical strength and rigidity, heat stability, resistance to oil, petroleum and other petroleum products, resistance to weak acids and strong alkalis, possibility to use in articles being in contact with foodstuff and drinking water. 

Usage of reinforcing materials and modifying components at production of polymeric composite materials significantly allow to change properties of polyamide-6:
– to improve injection properties,
– to improve strength and rigidity,
– to decrease shrinkage and reach high dimensional stability of articles,
– to increase elasticity, introduce high frost resistance,
– to enhance resistance to burning, having transferred material into a range of non-combustible and self-extinguishing ones, to increase wear resistance.
Having based upon developments of research institutions and own sci-tech and production potential, an enterprise develops and masters production of new polymeric composite materials. Specialists of the enterprise constantly improve produced goods and extend brand-name assortment. At creation of new composite materials there are maximally taken into account increasing requirements of customers to material properties and quality.
Physic & mechanical testing and chemical researches are performed in a laboratory of physic & mechanical testing that meets requirements of Accreditation System of calibrating and testing laboratories of the Republic of Belarus and it is accredited for technical competency. Equipment of laboratory allows to perform testing as according to GOST methods as according to international standards ISO.
Branch “Khimvolokno Plant” JSC “Grodno Azot” produces PA-6 and PA-6.6 based polymeric composite materials with trade name Grodnamid.

Composite materials based on PA-6

Extrusion polymer composite materials

Grodnamid PA6-E1
Grodnamid PA6-E2

Antifriction polymer composite materials

Grodnamid PA6-HT,
Grodnamid PA6-LP-HT
Grodnamid PA6-HT-GF5
Grodnamid PA6-HT-GF30
Grodnamid PA6-HT150-GF30-P

Hardly flammable polymer composite materials

Polyamide PA6 FR(30+52)
Polyamide PA6 FR(30)-2
Polyamide PA6 FR(30+52)-1GF
Grodnamid PA6-FR(30)
Grodnamid PA6-GF20 FR(30)
Grodnamid PA6-M25 FR(30)

Impact-resistant composite polymer materials

Grodnamid PA6-HI-1
Grodnamid PA6-HP-1P
Grodnamid PA6-HI-2

Polymer composite materials with complex fillers

Grodnamid PA6-GF M25
Grodnamid PA6-GF М30

Mineral-reinforced polymer composite materials

– Grodnamid PA6-М20 P
– Grodnamid PA6-М20-1
– Grodnamid PA6-М20-1W
– Grodnamid PA6-М20

Glass-filled polymer composite materials

Glass-filled materials with surface lubrication («W» series materials)
Glass-filled materials with improved performance

Injection-moulding composite materials

Grodnamid PA6-L-211/311
Grodnamid PA6-LP-211 SW
Grodnamid PA6-L-A

Composite materials based on PA-6.6

Grodnamid PA6.6-L

PA-6.6 based polymer composite material, which contains modifying additives that improve its injection properties and facilitate demoulding of finished articles.

Grodnamid PA6.6-GF30

PA-6.6 based polymer composite material filled with chopped glass fibre. It is described by enhanced strength and rigidity.

Grodnamid PA6.6-HI-1

Polymer composite material with enhanced injection and performance properties.