We offer a wide assortment of nylon yarns intended for production of cord fabrics; industrial fabrics to produce conveyor belts; rubber industrial articles; tare fabrics; fishing and tackling articles including nets, ropes, cables etc.; consumer goods including household, leisure and sport articles.

Industrial yarns are produced non-coloured and spun-dyed; heat-stabilized (for heat resistivity at exposure to high temperatures); light and heat-stabilized (to keep physic-mechanical features at exposure to UV radiation); light-stabilized, “whitened” with low yellowness index to enhance aesthetic features of the goods produced. Industrial yarn is produced at high technological equipment made by “Zimmer” and “Barmag”, Germany, “TMT”, Japan.

Yarn titre range is within dtex 935-2100.

High tenacity light and heat stabilized whitened yarn (light stability index 80-85 % after 30 days exposure), minimal tenacity 82 mN/dtex is used for production of fishing and tackling articles.

Light and heat stabilized yarn (minimal tenacity 82 mN/dtex) is used for production of cord and industrial fabrics.

From 2008 we offer nylon BCF texturized yarn of new qualitative level with linear density in the range of tex 110-180, including twisted heat-set one with enhanced physic and mechanical data due to implementation of new high technological equipment that will allow to produce carpet articles with high weaving capacity (up to 1000 rpm and more).

Twisted heat-set yarns are used for production of elite carpet articles of enhanced comfort. High evenness of physic and mechanical data and strength of yarn intermingled points in conjunction with low shrinkage at boiling – within 6-8 % allow to produce carpet articles by the best European traditions and under European standards.