Extrusion polymer composite materials

Polyamide base polymer composite materials modified with special olefinic copolymers. They contain heat and light stabilisers. Characterised by:

  • high viscous and homogeneous melt,
  • resilience and elasticity,
  • resistance to dynamic loads, flexing,
  • retention of performance characteristics at negative temperatures (down to – 60ºC),
  • oil- and petrol-resistance,
  • low water absorption.

Produced as per TU RB 500048054.034-2004.

– Grodnamid PA6-E1
Scope of application:

  1. small diameter tubes extrusion,
  2. sheet extrusion,
  3. film extrusion
  4.  injection moulding of parts that require high impact strength at low temperatures and that are under significant dynamic loads.

– Grodnamid PA6-E2
Scope of application:

  1. large diameter tubes extrusion, corrugated pipes,
  2. sheet extrusion,
  3. blow moulding.