Antifriction polymer composite materials

Produced as per TU RB 500048054.007-2002.

Materials of grade:
– Grodnamid PA6-HT,
– Grodnamid PA6-LP-HT

are PA 6 based polymer composite materials modified with antifriction additive and other components which give to the material  improved performance properties. Material «Grodnamid PA6-LP-HT» is described by improved injection properties.

Materials of grades:
– Grodnamid PA6-HT-GF5
– Grodnamid PA6-HT-GF30
– Grodnamid PA6-HT150-GF30-P

are PA 6 based polymer composite materials reinforced with glass fibre and filled with modifying additive. The materials are characterized by low friction factor and have the following advantages:

  • high wear resistance,
  • possibility of operation in  friction units without any lubrication or with limited lubrication,
  • high mechanical strength,
  • heat stability,
  • improved impact resistance.

Articles made of «Grodnamid PA6-HT150-GF30P» retain their performance properties at long-term exposure to high temperature.